Outplaced Talent

Whenever possible it is wise to find a way to redeploy individuals who are displaced by the organization's buyouts, new technology, etc.  However, it is not always possible.  When this happens, Outplacement Services are a wise choice for any company that cares about its employees and its reputation in the community. 

Relocating Talent

Dual career couples are now the norm.  This presents unique challenges in recruiting top talent and moving high potentials to strategic locations to expose them to the broad spectrum of your organization as you develop their leadership capabilities.  We support your efforts by offering a full suite of Career Services to spouses/partners of your top talent.


Our transition programs...

involve discussions and coaching associated with all aspects of the change process including,  dealing with job loss/career change, talking to family and friends,  job/career exploration,  job search planning, resume development, interview and networking coaching, identifying and managing references, approaching companies, using social networks and the internet to make connections and conduct research, and more.

We also offer support and assistance to those considering retirement and buying or starting a business.

Transitioning Talent

Maintain your business integrity and a positve reputation when tranistioning talent by providing excellent outplacement packages.

The most important separation benefit you can provide...

may be an effective Career Transition/Outplacement Program.  In the midst of tough economic times and organizational change, allow Career Momentum, Inc. to demonstrate the value of career transition services and your business integrity by providing high-tech, personalized services to those who leave your employment. 

An Outplacement Program is also a retention strategy for those who remain. For every individual let go, three others consider leaving.  We will help you handle this difficult decision with compassion so that you, your retained employees, and your severed employees can move ahead in a positive way that will be best for all concerned. 

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Why choose Career Momentum, Inc. as your
Outplacement/Career Transition Provider?
Career Momentum is a top of the line provider of outplacement and career tranistion.

Client Testimonial:  "Career Momentum was a great resource to our organization during a difficult reorganization period.  The advice that we received on having difficult conversations with employees left a strong impact on all of us.  They taught us that even during these times, it is important to continue to treat people with dignity and respect and that is exactly what we did.  Career Momentum's team is knowledgeable, responsive and thorough and we couldn't have asked for a better partner." - Director of Human Resources

Individuals who have strong job search assistance re-employ at a 40% faster rate.

Full Service - Currently, we are the only firm in the Madison area that provides full service outplacement.

We provide a Coach - not just a group lecture and a workbook or website.

We offer customized and personalized service - we're different because of our one-to-one, highly personalized service with the understanding that everyone has unique needs to address in the job search.

Engagement - we create a welcoming atmosphere and flexibility that facilitates quick and thorough engagement in our transition services.  We take the initiative to set up the follow-up appointment so candidates stay engaged!

Our experience, expertise, and our network - We are the pre-eminent privately held firm providing Career Transition services in South Central Wisconsin.  Our network of regional organization and business connections as well as the Global CPI partnership, provides the opportunity for our candidates to network into their target companies.

Technology and learning tools - all of our programs are supported by an on-line career portal delivering even support and learning tools to assist in preparing individuals to successfully navigate through every step of the transition process.

Cost effectiveness - talk to us about our flexible professional and executive program packages and options.


Legacy Career Planning

Retiring Talent


The definition of "retirement" as we know it, is changing.

Retirement today doesn't have to mean stopping work.  For many it becomes a time of major renewal - a time to refocus and balance one's life.  By exploring all of the options in the context of personal circumstances, an individual can begin to develop a retirement plan that brings the fulfillment we aspire to.

 Learn more about workforce planning and retiring talent 

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