Networking is essential to finding open positions in the hidden job market.


Eighty percent of jobs are filled through networking! 

Don't let a great opportunity pass you by because of lack of skill or confidence. Your Career Momentum consultant can help you improve your odds by helping you develop effective strategies to reach key decision makers. 

People are your most important source for finding a job so it is time to gain knowledge in how to go about forming a plan and how to network in order to land a job sooner.  Contact us today



The Hidden Job Market

Not all jobs are posted on the web, with placement agencies, or in newspaper ads. Many jobs are discovered through word-of-mouth. An employer fills a position with someone who is already known or creates a job when he or she meets someone who can address a lingering need. 

The number of hours per week you spend on your career transition will have a measurable impact on your success. A major outplacement firm has studied the impact of networking on the length of its clients' job search. The individuals studied were seeking positions with salaries over $50,000. By the normal "rule of thumb" their job search would take at least five months - one month for every $10,000 in salary. Much to their surprise, on average, the individuals who made at least twenty new contacts a week found a suitable position in only three months! Those who made five new contacts each week found a position, on average, in six months. And those who made only two new contacts each week - essentially working only the advertised positions - took a year to find a new position. They found that other factors, such as age and salary, did not significantly alter that result. 


What Our Clients Say...

"You are tremendously competent in your field and you couple that with heart felt compassion for your clients. When I first met you I was so frustrated with my job search. You helped me develop a game plan that was tailored to emphasize my strengths and address my weaknesses. You identified tangible tasks that helped keep my job search manageable and productive. Most importantly, your guidance helped me obtain job offers. "

"The resume you crafted for me was impressive. You really worked with me to improve my interview skills. You helped me understand the interview process and you helped me develop impressive answers to interview questions based on my background." - Manager 

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