Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Myer Briggs Type Indicator is one of the assessments Career Momentum specializes in.

The MBTI is a useful aide in career decision-making because extensive research has demonstrated that personality type has a lot to do with success and career satisfaction. 

The MBTI takes only 25-35 minutes and produces a report that you can use to consider the demands and rewards of particular career options that are favored by individuals with similar personality patterns.

This instruments should be used in conjunction with other assessments that allow you to identify whether your aptitudes, career needs and values also match the careers that are suggested by your personality fit.  

What does the MBTI measure? 

The MBTI identifies basic preferences that interact in sixteen patterns with observable behavioral differences. The MBTI measures four preferences: extroversion or introversion, sensing perception or intuition perception, thinking judgment or feeling judgment, and judgment attitude or perception attitude. These differences in preference may influence the way we think, work, interact, and deal with our feelings. 

Why pay you when I found a website that offers it for free? 

There are many copy-cats for this assessment on the Internet. However, none of the copy-cats have the integrity of the real MBTI. You will be much more satisfied if you work with a qualified interpreter to help you validate your results and apply them to your particular situation. 

We have more than twenty-five years of experience with this instrument and are qualified by Consulting Psychologist Press as interpreters at the advanced level. 

We help you understand your personality and how to apply the results to enhance communication, solve problems, make decisions, and manage change and conflict. The MBTI Career Report compares the preferences of people who consider themselves successful and happy in their career choices with your preferences. The instrument helps you to understand which careers are the best match for your preferred modes of perception and judgment. 

To take the MBTI

You can take the assessment on-line by clicking here. User name: careermomentum Password: passion 

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