Look Your Best in Business Photos

By Carrie Brown, Client Services Coordinator


Over the last few months, Career Momentum has been working on a new company-wide look. New logo, website, and of course, company-wide head shots for our LinkedIn profiles. We know it is best in today’s business climate, first impressions start with your digital presence. Taking photos for business can be daunting for some. There’s a lot to consider when trying to convey your very best self in an image. Use our tips from our session to help your photos turn out as amazing as you are.


Make a commitment. It’s the first step in the process and also the most important. Once you have made the decision you can proceed full steam ahead! It can be hard to admit to yourself, but your professional photo should be current and appropriate to your business--all while bringing out your best self. Determine a budget. The financial investment of photography can run the gamut from hundreds of dollars to a donation-based fee. We worked with a great local photographer who was priced competitively and, most importantly, understood what was important to us for the look and feel for our photos. Whatever your budget, remember this investment is all part of your personal brand.


DIY-Approach. If hiring a professional is not an option, it’s easy to try to do it yourself. And, with no costs to consider, what do you have to lose other than time? Be sure to research the best ways to capture your self-portrait and avoid “selfie-fails” like Instagram filtering, automobile shots, and overuse of angles. We’ve gathered some great advice around the web and posted it to the Career Momentum Pinterest Page. Check out what others in the industry are saying and how you can integrate their advice with ours to get the most out of your session.


Use Light and Location. In our office we knew we wanted the style of our photos to be lifestyle-based, and be in our offices, if possible. We also felt our team would be most successful if:

  • We were in an environment where we were most comfortable. Feeling relaxed will help bring your best self to your photo.
  • Choosing minimal backgrounds will not detract from you. We all want to be shown in the best light, without being mistaken for a mugshot pose!
  • The use of props was minimal. Any bold furniture or personal effects like a bright red portfolio could be distracting and take away from the focus of the portrait - you! While we originally planned to use a conference room for our photos, we took a risk and tried using the stairwell outside of our office. We found the natural light provided softer tones and a natural glow to our photos. Without direction, our entire team found leaning against the stair rail to be a natural pose to start with. Personal Aesthetics. The final piece to a great photo is your physical appearance.

Use industry standards as a guide. If you work in finance, a full suit is most appropriate. If your field is creative, like graphic design, let your photo reflect this side of you. We found simplicity was key and sticking with dark neutral colors was best for our team of consultants. Take the time during your shoot to try photos with a bright smile, a minimal smile, or no smile at all and see what translates into the best shot possible. Maybe even the shot where you are thinking, “I can’t wait until this is over” will be the best one out of the bunch!


Head Games. It can be hard to get over our own personal insecurities about taking photos and let the negativity seep into our psyche. Find phrases of inspiration or use music as way to relax and inspire. Be open to suggestion from the photographer and accept compliments from those around you. When your shots are complete, give yourself a reward for a job well done like a coffee shop break, or a new portfolio pen.


Whatever steps you take towards a new or updated business photo, rest assured it will be a step forward. As you begin to plan for your session and are ready for your photo shoot, remember the sage advice of Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”


Thank you to Jeff Dostalek for capturing our corporate photos.  Jeff can be found on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.