Judy Pilat | Talent Management Consultant

Judy is an experienced career coach and career transition consultant who has worked in a wide array of business/organizational entities including government non-profit, family-owned, and franchise. This background, along with her extensive sales, marketing and training experience with industry leaders in the Fortune 500 as well as smaller, growth-oriented companies provides great perspective on the world of work as well as special insights into our relationship with the work we do. 

Judy works with clients to translate vision to strategy, strategy to process, and process to actions that deliver measurable results and predictable outcomes. Her greatest joy is empowering others to make connections that reward and delight. 

After beginning her career with General Motors Corporation in Detroit, Judy then joined the Information Systems Division of Xerox Corporation working with client companies in banking, business services, and pharmaceutical development. She also has experience in healthcare and medical device marketing with Stryker Medical.

In addition, she has worked for a family-owned business, a business service franchise, served as an HR consultant in county government, has experience in the non-profit arena as both a volunteer and employee, and launched her own consulting firm. 

Judy holds undergraduate degrees in political science, pre-law and management and a Master of Divinity degree.