Julie Vincent | Senior Talent Management Consultant

With a working history spanning the globe, Julie Vincent brings a culturally empathetic & inspiring style to coaching. Her working background has predominantly been “people” based, with a profession spanning Recruitment, HR, Brand Marketing & Social Media Management. She is motivated by helping others be the best they can be. Your career success is her business.

A skill-set built upon foundations of retail management has provided a solid structure to her people-based career from the very start. Leadership and recruitment roles married with Social Media, Marketing & Brand Management create a diverse perspective to offer a highly effective coaching solution.  Julie is also a Career Partners International certified Career Transition Consultant.  

Julie has expertise in leadership, communications, employee relations, social and creative design applications for businesses and resolution management. With her strong interpersonal skills and creative outlook she not only brings the necessary practicalities of career solutions, but a creative expertise that will assist you in discovering your inner qualities to help you stand out in the crowd.

Julie has met challenges and transitions throughout her life, moving countries and jobs but, through this, has developed the knowledge and passion to enrich and make a difference in the lives of others.